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Butterflies of Asia (BOAS) Website [資料 / References]

Butterflies of Asia (BOAS) Website始動!!

皆さんは北米・アラスカから中米・パナマまでの蝶をほぼ網羅した巨大なウェブサイトButterflies of America (BOA)をご存じでしょうか。多くの研究者、愛好家が協力して作成しているこのページは、見ていると1日でも飽きません。


Butterflies of Asia (BOAS) Website

Do you know the website named "Butterflies of America" (BOA; This great website is evolving day by day with the help and cooperation of many butterfly researchers and enthusiasts.

We have just started similar website named "Butterflies of Asia (BOAS;". Compared with BOA, it is only a small website. But we have to make it bigger and bigger from now on! Donation of photos, assistance in making website or other help are always highly appreciated!!

資料 / References ブログトップ